What is DisplayLink technology?

Published at Nov 30 2021· Updated at Apr 10 2022
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In a world where multitasking may be a must, the preparation of many exhibits will become quite popular. DisplayLink is a new technology that promises to remove the difficulty of adding additional displays to your laptop - up to six are possible. Best of all, you do not need an additional GPU. DisplayLink permits clients to put through any screencast to any computer that underpins USB or WIFI. It is additionally a fabulous all-inclusive docking arrangement for any stage, making it an excellent format for permitting numerous shows. DisplayLink innovation allows remote and remote VR, screens, dock stations, video connectors, and more. The DisplayLink innovation items bolster the most recent bookmarks, tablets, phones running Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Ubuntu...

What is Displaylink Technology?

When we talk about DisplayLink, it is the name of a technology established by a company renamed DisplayLink. It should not be confused with DisplayPort, which allows you to send video signals to a display via USB or Wi-Fi rather than DisplayPort or HDMI. DisplayLink technology was first used on portable channels but can presently be found in other video-related items, including connector cables and monitors.

DisplayLink has two components - a computer program driver introduced on your computer and a hardware chip within the dock or connector. The computer program driver presents itself as one or more displays on the computer. The computer sends pixel information to the computer program driver, at that point, presses the information and sends it through USB. The DisplayLink chip recoils the information and sends the display signal to the (actual) display.

How Does It Work?


Step 1: DisplayLink installs software and acts as a standard format for the host. It recognizes monitors associated using a DisplayLink gadget and dispatches them into the application (for example, Windows) as if the monitors are usually attached.

Step 2: The OS makes custom bars for each display, and the OS sets the display substance there.

Step 3: The DisplayLink driver at that point takes the pixels to the frame buffer, encodes them, and sends them to the DisplayLink device.

Step 4: The DisplayLink gadget at that point deciphers these outlines bar and presents them to a standard video interface such as VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort. The outline bar on the board implies that the DisplayLink driver, as it were, ought to post changes to the screen substance. Moreover, it can alter the clog to share the interface similarly with other assets while keeping up high quality.

Why Users Use It Nowadays

After taking a holistic look at what DisplayLink is all about, these are the reasons why users stick to using it.  

Works With Any USB Connector

DisplayLink empowered docks can be utilized on any computer with a USB port. This incorporates ancient USB Standard-A ports and a modern USB-C standard. In truth, since DisplayLink requires USB signals to work, DisplayLink empowered docks will work with any connector that is USB enabled.

Simplify Hot Desking

DisplayLink items are a perfect hot-desking companion, giving progressed and reverse compatibility with any working framework, stage, and USB connector (Sort A, Type-C, Micro-USB, etc.). DisplayLink works closely with key industry accomplices, clients, and Fortune 500 companies to guarantee a consistent desktop client experience. 


Any Gadget, Any Dynamic System

DisplayLink design innovation works over all stages and connectors, allowing for different interfacing shows and docking usefulness in any platform. 

Increase Work Productivity

DisplayLink-enabled around the world docking channels have been demonstrated to essentially progress office efficiency. Double screens can offer workers total errands by 52 percent, sparing up to 2.5 hours a day. So, if you have got 30 representatives, the moment screen spares 75 hours a day, 375 hours a week, 1650 hours a month, and 18,825 hours per year. And including a third screen has been appeared to extend efficiency indeed further. 

Reduce Costs

All DisplayLink docks work with any USB port, giving full support for older gadgets or BYOD conditions and killing the need to upgrade docks or devices frequently. DisplayLink docks, too, provide a basic and viable arrangement for setting up hot-desking areas, permitting businesses to decrease office space and decrease overheads by up to 33%.

Extreme Scalability

Need more formats? DisplayLink's exceptional innovation disentangles, permitting extra display without debasing fixes with daisy-chaining docks. Everything is still associated with the host computer through a single USB cable, conveying power. 

Trusting The World's Driving Businesses

DisplayLink empowers docking arrangements from the world's biggest PC computing companies and applications and is disseminated to all Fortune 500 companies worldwide. The adaptability of DisplayLink innovation gives businesses a capable and cost-effective way to maximize staffing, improving efficiency and profitability.